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Whether its award night or a mega fashion gala, celebrities pull out all the stops to look their absolute best. From the likes of social media sensation Kim Kardashian and music diva Jennifer Lopez to pop queen Madonna, shapewear is trending like never before. And when you can achieve that flawless dream silhouette in an instant, why not take full advantage of this fascinating creation we call shapewear.

Shapewear has turned into a shining armor for many A-list celebrities on the red carpet, revolutionizing the world of fashion and glamour. And to make sure you're up to date with the hottest Hollywood secrets, we're going all out with the top 5 shapewear Hollywood celebs prefer.

High Waist Shorts

It's no surprise that eating clean and exercising is so important for celebrities to look picture perfect from every angle, but sometimes you need something a little extra to hide those flaws. High waist shorts are being used by some of the biggest names in the world of Hollywood, making it one of the most popular types of shapewear in use today. A lot of the praise for this invention comes from the fact that this shapewear provides extensive coverage and can easily be worn in disguise under longer length dresses. Beginning at the mid-thigh region and reaching all the way up to your breasts, high waist shorts manage to provide a great deal of toning in areas of the thighs, butt as well as the waist.

Smoothing Thongs

In search of ways of avoiding that panty line being captured while striding across the red carpet?Look no further, all the A-list stars are turning to smooth thongs as their savior and boy does it work! This form of shapewear is ideal for under dresses and situations where you wish to tighten that stomach and core region while disguising the panty line at the same time. Smoothing thongs are popularly pulled off in disguise under silk or linen style trousers.

Tight Shaping Tank

Who said pantsuits could only be pulled off by those with size zero figures? The tight shaping tank is worn as a slimming top underneath the suit, giving the wearer a seamless silhouette in no time. Most celebrities consider this option as the perfect way of smoothening out their curves, giving them great control over their body stance at all times.

Mid-Waist Shorts

Mid waist shorts are being used by famous names in tinsel town to help hug every little ounce of unwanted flab in. Great for plunging neckline or cutout dresses as well as hip fitting jeans, mid waist shorts are your breakthrough for that stunning hourglass figure. The shapewear begins from the mid-waist area and reaches the upper thigh, lower abdominal or butt region, creating a slim and trim effect along the way.

Shaping Bodysuit

If there's one shapewear that never seems to go out of style in Hollywood, it's the shaping bodysuit. This invention manages to support your midsection and region of the breasts. Considered as a staple for sheer gowns, shaping bodysuits can even appear sexy when exposed as a part of your evening attire too.
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