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The beauty about shapewear is related to the fact that it has a lot to do with its distinct versatility. And that means no matter what size or shape your figure may be, there's shapewear out there designed just for you.

There are numerous celebrities whose body structure and frame represent the apple shape. The list includes big names such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks, Liz Hurley, Jennifer Hudson, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Simpson and Oprah Winfrey to name a few.

The apple shaped body frame brings with it distinct characteristics, some worth flaunting while others not. It's no wonder why these beautiful ladies look picture perfect on the red carpet, on and off the small or big screen and in films too. Just when you thought they were doing everything right to appear a certain way, it's the beauty of shapewear that has them covered almost all of the time.

A Glance At The Apple Silhouette In Detail

The apple may be a beautiful fruit, but most apple shaped women aren't too proud of their apple-shaped bodies. Usually, most apple-shaped individuals are smaller or narrower in their bottom half and bigger or broader in their top half. These females tend to possess a larger or fuller chest that's much bigger than their hips. Apple shaped women rarely have a defined waist and tend to be chubbier in the arm areas. The midsection region often proves to be a problem area for many, where love handles, greater deposition of belly fat, as well as back fat, is a prominent sight to vision. On the contrary, apple shaped women have slender legs and thighs.

Areas Your Shapewear Needs To Focus On In Apple Shaped Celebrities

Since most of the problematic regions of apple-shaped bodies lie in the upper half region, finding shapewear that focuses on the waist and the upper body area should be your ultimate key to shapewear success.

Best Shapewear Options Designed For Apple Shaped Bodies

High-Waisted Control Briefs

Apple developed celebrities mostly have fuller breasts. In such women, bodysuits aren't recommended as they're giving you way more coverage than you deserve. Instead of opting for small, medium or large brassieres or body shapers, exact cup size is required for perfect fit.

Other options to look out for include wearing a bra alongside a body shaper that's high waisted. Now pull the body shaper up and tuck it right under your bra. The end result is a fabulous fit without having to deal with any back bulging. At the same time, your rear end, hips, abs, and waist will instantaneously slim down too.

Camisoles and Shaping Tops

Looking for ways on how to trim that back fat and undergo some belly toning at the same time? Well, camisoles and shaping tops are savior options for apple shaped celebrities as this shapewear come fitted with cups or torsetts that lay underneath the bra. In a matter of minutes, you can now get a smooth upper as well as lower back, abs, bust, and waistline too.

Body Suits

Although bodysuits provide excellent coverage, they're a good option for apple shaped celebrities with smaller cups, usually, up to C. For those with larger cups like D and above, bodysuits can make your breasts look flattened and unappealing. Sourced Images


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