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Shapewear is unique not only for its super-effectiveness but its convenience too. No matter what form of clothing or outfit you choose to wear, shapewear is sure to do the trick in giving you a silhouette that's nothing short of being awe-inspiring for all the right reasons.

Many women find it difficult to wear pants and trousers, especially jeans, without having to worry about their back, thighs, butt, and legs. And that's why shapewear has become a trend many females love flaunting. But it's not as simple as it may seem. Choosing the right type of shapewear that one can wear comfortably under their jeans can turn into a daunting task for many. To help you out, we're listing some basic tips and tricks from the experts on shapewear that can turn your jeans affair into a seamless fashion steal for many to become inspired by. Here's our guide to how you can rock in jeans.

Shapewear and Jeans - A Vital Combination Worth Considering

Wearing shapewear underneath jeans has become a norm for some but trying to find shapewear that won't cling or show your panty line is a consideration worth pondering upon. We all wish to look our best, and that's why shapewear is an invention that should be utilized carefully to achieve positive results and in this case, a stunning lower body silhouette. Every body shape is different and understanding what you wish to disguise over features you want to highlight is the ultimate call of the day. And that's what you need to keep in mind while shapewear shopping.

Full Length Or Knee Length Shapewear Under Jeans Is A Must

The easiest way to rid yourself from those visible lines present beneath your pants is to wear full-length shapewear that reaches your ankle region. Another great option is a pantyhose design that doesn't go all the way to the bottom. As far as alternatives to full-length shapewear are concerned, knee-length shapewear can do as much justice. Great tip to follow is to choose a lightweight material that's invisible from the outside and stays in place on the inside.

How To Deal With Static and Clingy Shapewear When Worn Under Jeans

Some shapewear garments tend to attract static and may also cling at areas where you wish they never did. This can be an embarrassing situation, especially when out on the streets in public. But the solution is quite simple if we must say so ourselves. Either apply some lotion over your designated shapewear or rub dryer sheets to create a barrier.

Spray your shapewear with either anti-static agents or static guard sprays to do the trick.

Undersummers Lace Shortlette Is A Fabulous Means To Rid Rub Resistance

Many females have problems reducing fat in the inner thigh region. As a result, after wearing jeans, they suffer from a painful and burning condition called thigh chafe. Your answer to situations like these is super comfortable shapewear called lace shortlette. The shorts work to provide a silky cushioning effect for the thighs, ridding you from thigh chafe once and for all. Did we mention that smooth and sleek effect it manages to create too? Sourced Images


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