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First-off, know that ‘Waist Training’ is a procedure that can be greatly and immensely beneficial if done the right way. Waist Training can be said to be the conscious reduction of the waist employing the help of a corset or a latex waist cincher. Although this practice has begun since the Victorian times, advancements in body and mind sciences have promoted the modification and reinvention of its use so as to bring better results, in a safer way. Waist Trainers are the devices you use to bring your waist to that dream figure; we have trusted techniques and powerful selections (waist trainers, corsets & bras) that will help facilitate healthy weight loss allowing your body to take the perfect form in record time!
Our waist training program is geared towards bringing you your dream waist size in the most healthy and fast way via regular use of our products. Regular Use is the key word here. Our waist training products are great at sliming you down and bringing the best out of you. However, they must be worn regularly, result would be further amplified if they are used with an approved diet plan and exercise routine.
Our products are known to rake in tremendous results and this is not surprising since we make waist trainers, corsets and bras with utmost consideration, skill and expertise. However, the magnitude and speed at which you see results is really dependent on your body type, the degree at which you diet and exercise and of course, the frequency at which you wear our waist trainers.
NO, we don’t advise you wear just any corset or waist trainer. We believe a lot in bringing out premium results, and for this reason, we would always advise that you go with any of our products that is best suited for you. Knowing your best option is not difficult, you are encouraged to engage us anytime and we’d be thrilled to discuss your options, nonetheless, it’s a rule of thumb for folks to go with the corset that best suits their Lifestyle and what kind of results you seek. Despite the fact that all our trainers are geared towards weight loss and curvier, more sensational waist, you would have to decide if you’d want the one that would escalate the fat burn in your work out sessions or the one that takes you gently, that you can breathe in. It depends on you really.
Shapewears unlike normal clothes can be a bit misleading in understanding what size would do the job without going over board or being too nice. The trusted way we know to detect the perfect size for our clients is by recommending that they take the measurements of their waist (not down low but just above the navel area) and then check a good size chart to know just the right size for you. Another way to go about this is judging your right size by your height and weight, though this would prove to be trickier and less convincing. We nonetheless advise that in case you’re not sure or satisfied with the results gotten, simply choose one size up, you can’t go wrong this way since all our corsets and waist trainers are crafted to fit tightly.
Three to Six hours daily would be perfect for a start, after which you are expected to steadily increase the wear time so as to get the best result. Try not to go over the top with this, rather listen to your body and go on more gradually as results unfold. Gradually increasing your wear time without rushing after starting up small is what will guarantee you’re safe and that the results obtained are long lasting.
Under professional supervision and with the right waist trainer or corset, no you won’t. This is the reason our services are unique, we don’t just offer our products to you, we guide you to your vision by the hand. We understand the harm excessive abdominal and waist pressures can cause to the body, so we often recommend you go easy but not too soft. If at any point you feel pain that can be regarded as abnormal, we advise you stop use. Always remember to start small and slow, increase the time you wear the trainers by regular use so that you can have the best results in record time.
Of course they are! In fact, our waist trainers and corsets are great for persons with cases of back problems, spinal issues and scoliosis. This is because the trainers help their backs to stay straight, helping them maintain a better posture without the rigors of getting medical fetters or braces. It is however customary that you consult your physician first if you have any further concerns in this regard.
Women have noticed a reduced eating volume after waist training for a while; they have also observed they get easily satisfied when they eat. This is good news, as this practice would encourage better dieting, and they get to keep their appetite! Another known side effect of waist training is increased perspiration, often observed when doing work or working out, this is the waist trainer helping you increase your thermal activity and simultaneously reduce your water weight. Increased perspiration is natural precursor of amplified weight loss.
No they do not. You may simply wash by hand using cold water and leave to hand dry or lay flat to dry.
When done the way it ought to be done, waist training will yield results that are long term. Your body with time changes, transforming gradually into the dream figure you desire by taking the shape of your corset. The transformation is achieved by the movement of your diaphragm and the slight re-positioning.